PMD Films was founded on April 20th 1997 in New York as a successor of Laterna Entertainment by Philipp Müller-Dorn. Laterna Entertainment has introduced itself to the US independent film market in the mid-nineties.

After the 20-Minute Shortfilm 'Kissing the Muse' in the year 1997 'PMD Films' began preparation for its first feature film: the comedic thriller 'Between Your Legs' a.k.a. 'Getting Real'. It was shown on the 1999 'Saguaro Film Festival 'in Arizona and was shown in Arthouse Movie-Theatres in New York and Berlin.

In January 2000 PMD Films relocated from New York to Berlin. Recently PMD Films produced the independent drama 'eMANcipation', wich was shown in 20 film festival all over the world and has won 13 Awards so far and is now available on Amazon.com

PMD Films is currently in preparation of Killer App, a horror feature film written by Philipp Müller-Dorn and Elizabeth Spear.